Usability Testing & Evaluation

“In my opinion, no single design is apt to be optimal for everyone.” - Don Norman
User Research

Testing designs “early and often” can be an invaluable tool for validating design concepts with users who are representative of the target audience. Watching real users engaging with a website or application can be one of the biggest sources of design insight. The variety of usability testing approaches available today make it easier than ever for teams to gain direct user feedback.

Designing a website or application is a leap into the unknown – business realities are always uncertain. Involving users throughout the process allows the team to develop an optimal solution with greatest likelihood of user adoption and satisfaction.

Usability Testing

Moderated lab testing | Remote moderated testing | Rapid/Iterative testing | Prototype Testing | Online testing | Discount Testing | Guerrilla Testing

Expert Reviews

Heuristic reviews | Competitive reviews | Cognitive walk-throughs | Responsive design/accessibility audits

Measuring UX

Task times | System usability scale (SUS) | Product reaction cards | Large-sample unmoderated testing | A/B testing | Satisfaction surveys | Net promoter scores

Usability Lab Facilities

Formal lab testing in Boston can be conducted in the Mad*Pow state-of-the-art usability lab. (View Lab Tour).

Multi-city studies, or studies outside of Boston can be arranged with advance notice.

Additional Services:

  • Participant Recruiting
  • Session Recordings & Editing
  • Session Transcription
User Research Toolkit
Techsmith Camtasia