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Corporate Training

Eva Kaniasty is available to facilitate trainings and workshops, as well as for other speaking engagements related to user experience. In addition to teaching classes and workshops locally, she is a frequent presenter at UX conferences.

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Continuing Education Classes

In this project-based class, you will design navigation and a home page for a moderately complex website. The goal of the class is to introduce the user experience design process and Information Architecture (IA), the discipline concerned with organizing information for the web.

Is your online portfolio outdated or, worse yet, something you just ‘haven’t gotten around to creating’? Whether you’re a student looking for a first UX job or a seasoned UX professional, you’ve probably experienced the struggle of maintaining an engaging and up-to-date online portfolio.

Usability testing is a key technique for evaluating a product’s capacity to meet the needs of its target audience. This two-part class will walk students through the process of planning, moderating & analyzing their own usability tests, from concept to conclusion.

Class Reviews

Well organized and easy to follow. She outlined how to get started and offered a lot of examples. - Online Student, Build an Effective UX Portfolio

Joe on Skillshare

This course is an incredible value! In addition to gaining access to Eva's considerable expertise, the course includes excellent readings and resources. - Online Student, UX Series: Designing Effective Web Navigation

Darleen on Skillshare

...The class was well organized, the lectures were meaty, answers to questions were always thoughtful and relevant. - Online Student, UX Series: Designing Effective Web Navigation

Elizabeth on Skillshare

This is very well led and thoughtfully structured class. As I am new in IA and UX it gave me so much information and valuable resources. - Online Student, UX Series: Designing Effective Web Navigation

Ana on Skillshare