Eva Recommends

The most usable tools for UXers and Consultants.

Productivity Tools

  • Email Tracking: Gmelius
    Most feature-rich email tracker. Great for making sure they read that email.
  • Time Tracking: Chrometa
    Truly automatic time tracking. Great for figuring out where your time is really going.

UX Research Tools

  • Surveys: SurveyGizmo
    Most functional and slickest survey design tool
  • Remote Research: GoToMeeting
    For remote usability testing with the least amount of technical difficulties. Runs in Chrome without requiring app installation.
  • Participant Recruiting: UserInterviews
    Best online recruiting platform. If you need to hire a human recruiter, try these options.
  • Online Signatures: HelloSign
    Best online signature collection for contracts and research consent forms.
  • Research Analysis: Airtable
    Excel on steroids… life-changing.

UX Design Tools

Online Learning for UX and Beyond

Small Business Tools

  • Accounting: Quickbooks Self-Employed
    Transaction tracking, invoiceing, and help with estimated taxes. I’ve tried most of the competitors, and this one’s the best, hands down.
  • Legal Advice: UpCounsel
    Cheapest and most efficient contract review and help from real lawyers.
  • Office Space/Meeting Rooms: WeWork
    Most flexible office and meeting space.
  • Business Address: AnytimeMailBox
    I had a bad experience with paying a lot for a service that failed to forward mail until I found this. Get a business address with optional mail forwarding for an amazing price.
  • Business Collateral Printing: Moo
    They are not the cheapest, but design-focused.
  • Insurance: Hiscox
    Best small business insurance., including online service for requesting certificates etc.

Travel / Lifestyle

  • Anti-Theft/Loss: Tile App
    Are you traveling around with expensive stuff? Tiles work for computers, bikes, cameras, keys, luggage, or anything that is easily lost or stolen.
  • Comfort: Betabrand
    Wearable and durable work and travel clothes.
  • Pockets: ScotteVEST
    If you are a woman, you understand why real pockets can be difficult to come by.
  • General Well-Being: ClassPass
    Yoga classes and gym access without a membership.
  • Style: ModCloth
    Fun clothes that can be worn to work.