Red Pill UX welcomes direct client engagements, as well as partnerships with digital agencies and internal teams.
Industry Experience

Linguistica 360 (Language Learning), Harvard Business School, ConnectEdu, Education Dynamics, Cengage. For Forge Worldwide: Husson University, International Yacht Restoration School, Curtis Blake Center.


Care Progress, Kaiser Permanente (with Racepoint Global), Tufts Health Plan, (with Proximity Lab), Boston Children’s Hospital, DiscoverBeauty, WhatNext Cancer Support Community, Wiklund Research & Design, Neighborhood Health Plan (past employer).


Ayantek, PJA, Forge Worldwide, Mad*Pow, Cahoots, CX Partners UK, Racepoint Global, iFactory, Connelly Partners, Proximity Lab, Toth + Co


Pro Teck Valuation Services, Fidelity Investments (for Mad*Pow), Savings Bank Life Insurance Company (for Forge Worldwide), Stock trading platform (for confidential startup client), SimpleTuition (past employer)


City of Somerville, State of Massachusetts, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
(Please note: Red Pill UX is certified as a woman-owned business by the State of Massachusetts.)

B2B Web and Mobile Applications

Industrial Applications (Automotive fleet management, Wind power management, Construction, Manufacturing); Communication (Sococo, Postwire)

Client Testimonials